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Toshiba laptop from 2011. This laptop came with a Celeron, Pentium, Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processor.

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Can anyone help with "connect Ethernet cable" bricked teck?


My Toshiba L-755 laptop (loved her from 1st day) is DEAD! :)

Lent to me bro for help on mcafee-the paid service virus thing from target back in 2013 - A security scam!! Fast forward he returns her with windows 10 (not Win 7 which I had on it) claims that its better.

  • Present BIOS password needed.
  • When accepts that, black screen wanting Ethernet cable connection
  • Tried use BIOS to change load order to install Windows back on again.
  • That failed!

This program called "rocket docket" kept showing up

If i switched my passwords. (who doesn't)

They would not work. Results were me stuck at log in screen forever.

My laptop is bricked by my ignorance. This i understand

Genuine help in saving her please, such a quality machine! Really want fix.

Or repurpose. Tossing away would be disrespectful. no trolls, we're adults here.

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The only thing I can think of is to get the hard drive out and wipe it on another machine.

I found this on You Tube.

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thanks, sorry for my unreasonably late reply. little toshi lives! I'm 100% sure id have needed to throw her out without your advice. I owe ya one. Oh and this sites creators. Next project a yard sale with a Vist from windows on it. upgrade for gaming! cheers folks.


Glad you got going again. I have an old Toshi Libretto that I power up once in a while. I loved that machine.


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