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The ASUS ROG G751 gaming laptop. Powered by the quad-core Intel Core i7 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M graphics card with TurboMaster. This Laptop comes with dual fans, copper heat sinks and a 17.3 IPS anti-glare display. The Republic of Gamers mask logo is located on the back of the screen in red.

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Track-pad not clicking after a spill

Accidentaly spilled liquid on the track-pad and while i can still move my cursor it won't left or right click with either the buttons or the trackpad, wondering if this will fix itself after a few days or if I should take it in and get it fixed

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You should get it fixed, depending on the liquid spilled it could make the internal left/right click buttons freeze up. You can also fix it yourself, I am not familiar ASUS laptops but most manufacturing companies provide repair manuals.

Hope this helped, keep us updated.



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