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Arlo Smart Security Camera released by Netgear in 2015. Part number VMC3030-100NAS.

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this camera is offline and will not connect with the base. 1 yr old

I have re-installed the camera and it worked for a little while (Close to the base).

now nothing.. fresh batteries installed... nothing.. blinking red light when I try to re-connect VIA the "Sync Buttons" it seems only usefull as a tiny boat anchor.

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Sorry, I’m late in giving the answer but I hope if you are following the question just for knowledge then I am providing you the 100% working method to fix the Arlo camera offline issue. I just found a website where I got the golden guide to fix. Guide to fix Arlo camera offline issue. So i hope the guide will help you out.

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The link is dead like my camera :P


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