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Model number LS676 for Boost and Virgin Mobile.

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Charger port works but wont hold my chager cable

My phone charges but wont hold charger cable in slightest movement it comes unplugged

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LG Tribute uses Micro USB cables. Assuming you have tried another cable, (where the most common cause of this symptom is the teeth in the cables being worn down), you could have a different issue

Your Port may be dirty inside: if pocket lint gets inside your charge port, plugging in the port will just shove it to the back. repeat this a few dozen times, and you can easily have a block in your port. A good cleaning should fix this issue.

Your Port may be worn: The ports hold the cables in strictly by pressure, and the teeth mentioned above. if this pressure loosens, which is natural over constant use, then it will stop holding a charging cable. at this point, replacing the port would solve your issue.

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