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La version plus grande du nouveau téléphone phare de Samsung, le Galaxy S8 +. Mis sur le marché en avril 2017.

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My phone has small spider crack in back screen? Will it still be waterproof

I want to know if it's still waterproof or not am confused!!!!.

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Hi Mohammed,

Depending on where the crack is located, will decide on whether or not the device is still waterproof. I have a similar problem on the left edge of my screen, but my phone is still water resistant. I still would try to avoid water in scenarios, because that crack may expand and allow water to get inside. If water gets on the screen from rain, or the shower. It will probably be okay, but I would avoid submerging it. Just as a precaution.

Best Regards,


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I would recommend to be very careful, whether the screen is cracked or not, as Samsung doesn't give any warranty about water damages, so if water gets in it would mean the death of the phone in most cases.

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