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Interior lights stays on at times

My interior lights does not always turn off, works a couple times after removing fuse and re inserting it. This is a 97 tahoe L1500 diesel.

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2 solutions

sounds like a bad connection on your door. it is either a pin switch or contacts usually found where door and fender meet. just use contact cleaner on either

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Have tried this without result. Sometimes when they stay on the over ride button does not do anything. Only whay to turn them off is to pull the fuse.


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oledaniel, I think your Tahoe has a body control module, which is a separate computer the manages many of the lights, door locks, power to radios, etc. For example,a shortened out switch could be sending a door open condition to the computer, which is then not allowing a lot of other things to happen as 'normal' conditions. I think the only way to really narrow it down would be to have one of your local shops hook it up to an analyzer. Around here Autozone does it for free. Otherwise you'd be replacing and checking a whole lot of components. Also, your local library may have the wiring diagram in a Repair manual, get a copy of it and follow the flowchart. Sorry I have nothing more precise for you. Good Luck and let us know what you find out.

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