OEM Battery Issues for Sony Vaio Pro 13 Laptop

I have a Sony Vaio SVP3121BPXB laptop running Windows 8.1. Truly a great laptop but now with an issue.

The internal battery (4.5 years old) began to expand in size (it is now it is twice the size as it used to be) making the keyboard bow outward badly. Further it would only hold a charge to 60%. I replaced it with and OEM battery from Amazon. Unfortunately, that battery would no longer hold a charge after 90 days, but otherwise it worked fine.

Now for the odd part. Amazon replaced the OEM battery, but when I installed it and plugged in the power, the LED would blink orange and the PC would not boot up. 3 OEM batteries later (from 3 different sellers from Amazon (but maybe same manufacturer – no way to tell)) and I have the exact same problem with each one. When battery is installed, and power cable is attached the PC will not boot up and the LED blinks rapidly in orange. Even odder, the original OEM batter that had worked in the past, now no longer works (it has the same problem as the other 3 OEM Batteries. The ONLY way to boot the PC up is to use the Original SONY battery (which is now so large that the back of the case of the PC cannot be reattached) or to take all batteries out and plug the laptop into the charger and use it as a desktop.

I have seen from the internet some discussion of Sony having a software that prevents OEM batteries from being used in the PC, which is an issue since Sony no longer makes this battery.

My attempts to fix this

1. Looked for the software (“ISBM”) that some parties on the internet say governs the battery issue. This file is not on the laptop anywhere. I should note that a week ago I reinstalled virgin windows 8.1 on the laptop thinking that would solve the problem. No luck.

2. Held the power button down for 40 seconds with all the batteries (regular and backup) unplugged and no power on.

3. held resent bottom (on bottom of PC) down for 45 seconds with and with out the batteries in the laptop.

4. reinitialized the BIOS with the latest version from SONY.

5. reviewed all Vaio Sony Care files for any thing that would apply to the battery.

6. reinstalled all Sony drivers for EVERY system on the Laptop

Still cannot get the OEM batteries to work.

I have seen one guy in the internet who claims the only way to fix this issue is to rip open the old Sony battery and do the same to the new battery and install the old battery circuit from the old Sony battery onto the new battery, but this seems more than a bit drastic and given the many warnings of the care needed not to destroy the old or new battery in the instructions may be more than we care to try.

Has anyone faced this issue before and can anyone help? The sellers of the OEM batteries on Amazon know nothing of why their batteries will not work in the Sony Vaio.

Can anyone help please!? Thank you in advance.

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Sony and Lenovo love to blacklist products from other suppliers to create a sort of monopoly. I think it's really dumb, and causes people to just not buy from them. OEM batteries shouldn't do this. I don't really have a solution, but I feel like it's about time you let go of your laptop... or turn it into a desktop/one-function system. If you're going for Ultrabook, try the XPS 13. It has better everything, and Dell provides better customer support. Just putting that out there, because I don't think you should stick with Sony. The battery board switch shouldn't be that bad, and assuming you still have the original board around, that should work because of the identity of the battery. If you avoid taking a screwdriver to the battery (like I did with my first ever battery cell), you should be fine. The battery itself might be a "black box" but there should be another layer of wrapping that doesn't cover the board and you can desolder it. Good luck!


I appreciate the advice. I really did not want to spend $1500-$1700 for a new laptop just because of this battery issue. My current Sony (even at 5 years) is a Core-7, with 16Gig of Ram and 512G of SSD and a touch screen in a 3-pound package that is perfect and still runs great (except for the battery issue). Maybe the best laptop / ultrabook Sony ever made.

Just to be clear, the battery circuit appears to be on the original Sony battery itself (if I understand what the web sites say). The guys proposing the swap indicate that you need to disassemble the old battery, and the new battery and in essence swap circuits and re-solder the old board to the new battery. But in their descriptions they repeatedly warn users to be very careful with the disassembly and reassembly which raises my concerns. http://www.stevekamerman.com/2011/04/reb...


I cannot believe in the entire Sony community someone has not had this same issue and found a solution (especially when Sony no longer makes the battery)..


I see. I realize a lot of fixers these days are in a tight spot in terms of cash, which is why they fix things instead of purchasing new items. Now that I see the cells (I originally expected them to be flat cells, not round ones) that seems far more difficult. The repeated warnings throughout the blog post would worry me too, especially since I mentioned earlier that I broke my first ever cell (from a external power bank). I've worked on some batteries before, but with the amount of adhesive glued on, that seems terrifying. It appears to be your only option. I consider this computer's specs likely better than even mine, but if you want to get a new one eventually, please don't stick with Vaio. If you do decide to work up the balls to desolder and resolder the batteries, make it quick. Don't allow the batteries to heat up over the critical heat point. It tends to be 100ºC but with older batteries it can be low as 65ºC (Like my Alienware M11X) so you should make sure the soldering is done fast.



My battery is bulging but holds full charge and still runs for hours.

I ordered a battery from china but did not work at all. They replaced it. And low and behold it worked perfectly, for a day. Today (day 2) my laptop developed a flickering screen backlight only when running on battery.

I can put the old battery back in and have no problem. New battery back in and problem comes back.

Since it is just a problem with the screen backlight the computer never loses power or shuts down.

Also need to explain that with the power supply connected I have no problems with the screen and battery charges properly.

So I can prove it's the battery by booting and observing the problem with the bad battery and without shutting down the laptop, just plugging in the power cord during the swap , I can swap batteries to the old one and then disconnect the power supply and the problem stops. Reverse the process and the problem comes back

The connector has 6 leads and I suspect the light is powered from one lead?


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