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tahoe bogs down when accelerating

why does my 1999 tahoe bog down and sputter when i try to accelerate?

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What engine does it have? Standard or Automatic?


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No knowing what engine size or what transmission you got, I would think that it starts with checking your airfilter and air intake. Make sure it is clean. After that change your fuel filter and check your fuel pump, and fuel pressure regulator. The service manual calls for a pressure of 58-62 psi anything below that would indicate that a new pump is needed. The other option is the vehicle speed sensor on your transmission could be faulty. Have your vehicle checked for any error codes at a place like Autozone (it's free) and see what they come up with. Right now it does sound like a fuel problem . Good Luck and let us know how it is going.

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My tahoe was doing the same thing and Igor a new gas pump and fuel filter and problem solved.


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Check for vacuum leak ,pcv valve clogged, or clogged catalytic converter.

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So..Check it...

5.7s Bucking or Bogging when under load.

Oddly, My 99 5.7(v8) was cured when I installed

new Manifold Intake Gaskets and Cleaned the

FI Spider & Injectors.

Make sure you/your mechanic uses the FELPRO 98000T kit.


Use this gasket kit.

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