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Released January 2016, Identified with the model KIW-L24 number

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Water damage - wont charge

My girlfriend spilled protein shake on the phone, she did not turn it off when that happened. She told me her SD card got corrupted.

After she got home she tried to charge it and it did work at first but the connection with the micro usb port was very bad. After some time the phone has stopped charging. The next day i got a T3 screwdriver and disassembled everything. During disassembling the battery was glued very hard so i had to use some force with a screwdriver and while doing that i may have ripped it a little bit. The battery was disconnected and yet it still was pretty warm. I just put it in the balcony incase if something happened, after a few hours i checked it and it was cold and there was like 0.02V showing so i guess it was warm because it was discharging. And as far as i know it does not show any voltage if it is below a certain point.

Well i guess the battery needs to be replaced. After that i checked the connector (where the battery connects TO), on the schematic it is called Battery Connector. The output voltage there was only 1V, but now the question is: is it supposed to be Battery Charging voltage if no working battery is present? I would guess no..But am i right?

After that i put all the PCBs into a small bowl with 75% disinfection alcohol and put some warm heat for like 5 mins. After that i left it overnight in rice to dry out. The next day everything seemed the same.

One strange thing is that if i connect USB into the phone (with no battery), it shows honor logo but restarts before booting and goes on and on. Also i tried putting the bad battery in and usb in again, the phone did not turn on at all but it showed that red led indicator (it was blinking)..

I got time and will ( interested in electronics) to try to fix it, what should i try testing? If the power management chip was bad, would the phone have worked after getting it wet? It was working pretty fine (SD card corrupted and it was showing that headphones are connected even if they were not lol probably shorted the phone jack?) but the main problem was the charging until the phone died haha.

For those who would like, here is the schematic file. Where should i go about tracing back the voltage?

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@valentas the more you try to power it on and have it connected the greater the likelihood you are going to shorten it out and cause further damage. so for now hold off messing with the phone. A few thing you want to try first before you go into the component levels. “After that i put all the PCBs into a small bowl with 75% disinfection alcohol and put some warm heat for like 5 mins. After that i left it overnight in rice to dry out. “ Start by using a higher percentage of isopropyl alcohol. 75% is not enough for a proper cleaning; you will still have 25% of other liquids (mostly water) in that. Check for 90%+ for that. You do not need to place it in rice. Rice does absolutely do nothing. Remember that you must totally disassembly your phone and remove all EMR shields from the board. If you do not remove those, you are not cleaning the majority of your board. Use this guide Réparer un dommage causé par un liquide sur un iPhone to see how to clean it. It was written for an iPhone but all the steps are still pertinent to your phone as well. Once it is properly cleaned, you must replace the battery. Only after all that can you properly troubleshoot your phone. The voltages you get now are not proper to power on your phone.

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@oldturkey03 Thank for the suggestions.

I ordered a new battery and the problem has been fixed. It does not even show that the headphones are in all the time, probably the cleaning has fixed it.


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