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The Shark Rocket HV301 is the second installment of vacuums in the 300 series. It is a two-in-one vacuum that comes with several attachments, making it capable of cleaning on different surfaces. Its sleek and lightweight design make it easy to maneuver around any household.

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No suction - not a filter or clogged hose

My Shark is a Rocket True Pet purchased from Walmart in 2015. Great vacuum until today. I vacuumed our hardwood floor of pet hair (maybe 15-20 minutes) and it did well. Went to vacuum a small carpet with dog hair and nothing. Running but not picking up. I've detached the main unit from everything and removed all filters. It turns on and sounds fine but no suction coming from tip. I see nothing else I can clean.

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Most people miss this one:

Cause 1

Exhaust Filter

The exhaust filter traps particles as the air travels through the vacuum cleaner. If the filter is clogged, the vacuum cleaner will not have proper suction. If your vacuum filter is clogged, refer to your owner’s manual for cleaning instructions.

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Thanks but it's not a filter. With everything detached and removed the main unit turns on and sounds like it is working but has no suction.


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If your Shark vacuum is no longer picking up dust and debris, see the Shark ION Robot R75 Is Not Collecting Debris problem page for possible causes and solutions.

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Same issue.Brush ins.lght is off/no suction in up position.Removed panel/hair etc., and still same. Have suction detached.Noticed/1 of locks not locking.I kept trying which was not too smart because in the almost 3 year's of having this vacuum and the countless moment's fixing my accidental vacuum slurps, I've never had an issue with locks UNTIL...

I assumed and kept trying to turn the same way as the other 2 when the not very visible opposite lock position arrow caught my eye.

I could be mistaken BUT, I think this is why the light won't come on for the brush and why there's no suction upright when attached to brush. ?

Funny thing is that I thought I could just go to the website and get a replacement lock for the one of 3 that I stripped and nowhere are they located. Found this while searching and thought I'd share while saying hello....didn't want to just do a pixel cyber search drive by. 😉

If I'm correct, please let me know so I don't commit myself to the nursing home just yet.



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I’m no Shark expert but I know my Dysons like the back of my hand and I find when you can’t find the problem it tends to be a blockage from with in the cyclone (the bit that’s usually above where the dust collects)

You can do 1 of 2 things here

The best option is to completely disassemble the cyclone and hand clean all the parts with hot soapy water

The second option is Easier but doesn’t always work: if you can get a deep bucket and fill it up high and submerge the cyclone in the water and shake it up and down so all the water get is in a clean it ,leave it I. A warm room for a week to dry out

Hopefully this helps

If it doesn’t let me know and we can try something else


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You have a rip or hole in the lower hose.

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