Samsung RV510 laptop doesn't switch on.


I've got a Samsung RV510 laptop which doesn't want to switch on. I took it to pieces, but I can't see anything wrong with it. The motherboard's 3V battery is good, the charger is good, the jack socket also good...the laptop's battery was dead before so I guess it shouldn't be the problem or maybe I'm wrong.

Does it work without battery anyway? Shall I buy a new one for testing it?

When I remove the battery:

Block Image

When I put in the battery:

Block Image

The laptop doesn't work in any way. Any opinion, advice would be great. Thanks!

Update (07/11/2018)

The laptop works fine after I repaired its on/off button. Thanks daniel for your advice! Cheers

Block Image

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possibly a faulty power button


How can I test it before I buy it? Do you know the way to switch it on without the button?


I bought a spare second hand one, will see...


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