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How to open the case of Creative D100 bluetooth speaker?

Dear all, have anyone an idea how to open the case of this speaker? Under rubber pads below it - there are no screws. I only see something below front material - something like 8 metal washers with small hole inside - I was trying to pull them out with crochet hook but with no luck. Material also looks non removable.

The aim of this is to look for the possibility to attach external antenna as one built-in is weak.

Big thanks in advance.

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I have found some info at FCC:

Now analyzing it...


It looks like those washers were to be used with screws BUT instead I feel adhesive foam little below them - nightmare - it looks like the whole front is glued :(


I've been trying to figure this out, I got a quarter stuck inside and it's screwing it up.


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I was able to pry the cover off by inserting a thin blade around the top middle and working around the perimeter.

There are 8 Phillips screws in the recessed holes. After removing them, the front plate comes off easily.

There was a bunch of hot glue on the underside of the speaker grill directly under the "creative" name but it came off fairly easily.

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Looking at those pics, It seems your right about the glue, looks like one tough cookie. However If you absolutely must open it, a heat gun and a metal spudger should do the trick. Use the heat gun to melt the glue and make it less adhesive, then, use the spudger to pry open the case.

Best of luck.

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