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Repair and disassembly guides for Philips DVD players.

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Movies played from DVD are pausing during watch


My Philips dvd player DVP2850 started to pause movies during the play. It freezes for several seconds (and up to 1 min) several times during a movie. It is related to both licensed DVDs and those from Amazon/Ebay. It also takes longer now to load the DVD. It has never been like this during the first 3 years of use, but more lately it started to be annoying. Can i repair it? Or throw away? I use it for 4 years already.

Thank you!

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don’t throw it away. This sounds like a weak or dirty laser. The very first thing you want to do is to get a laser lens cleaner. You can pick those up in alomost any larger stores like Walmart, Target etc. Run it through your DVD player a few times. Then try again. If that still does not resolve the issue you may have to repalce the laser lens assembly or the complete “loader” assembly. You should have easy access to the parts by removing the 5 screws around the top cover and then remove the top.

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Try playing a music CD in this unit. If it plays flawlessly, then the laser is the problem. CDs do not require as much or as accurate a laser to work properly. If you can gain access to the lens, use a q-tip with alcohol to clean the lens. Please be gentle as the lens is supported by very fine wires that are used to focus the lens. If this cleaning does not resolve the problem, then the laser assembly needs to be replaced. Depending upon which laser assembly it is, will determine whether or not the replacement makes sense from an expense perspective. Do not attempt to alter any of the controls on the laser assembly without proper equipment to verify proper alignment.

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4 years? Trash her and get a smart box that has accessibility to streaming services as well.

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MobileSpot Greene not sure if you know what iFixit is all about. We are a self-help forum. Please answer users' questions with help the user needs to immediately fix their problem themselves not trying to tell them that their devices are old and useless. We need to cut back on being wasteful and creating more ewaste then the world can handle.


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