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Can I operate MBP with case disassembled?

Hello everyone. My Superdrive will not eject DVD. I have preformed every published remedy, including "drutil eject +sudo...". I have begun to disassemble the case and I have two questions:

1) Can I operate the MBP while the machine is disassembled in order to test the superdrive

2) Is there a method for keeping the keyboard out of the way while removing the superdrive, without removing the ribbon? ( see step 9 in Guide)

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Is there a disk in the drive?


Yes, at least one. Hard stuck.


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First thing to do is get the drive out open it up and take the disk out.

There not a lot of “testing” to be done here. This is a very common failure on a machine this old and replacement drives are cheap. When I say cheap I’m not talking about iFixit prices on this (which are not cheap).

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You can keep the casing open. I recommend to use something to prop the keyboard open so you can work and use the keyboard if needed

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Thank you for responding chickendude. Just to be clear, with case propped open I can power-up the MBP in order to test the superdrive?


Yes, as long as all of the components are attached the computer will continue to function. The casing does not affect the operation of the device.


What Michael said


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