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The Samsung Chromebook Pro can be identified by its model number XE510C24.

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Black screen, led blue color

Hi! can anyone help how to fix this most common problem of the samsung chromebook pro? I dont have the warranty because I only got this as a gift.

I've searched and that this is a common problem with the samsung chromebook pro.

I was using my chromebook pro when suddenly the screen flickered and resets. After it booted and ask for the chrome os to be recovered. After I finished recovering the os using a USB, it went to logo screen and after a few minutes it died. It wont start up, I only see black screen and the led is blue. I can turn it off and charge the device and then the led will turn green. If I try to press the reset button and the power button, the led will turn white briefly then comes back to blue again. same as if I push the esc + reset + power button.

Hope someone can help to fix this. I have tried disconnecting the battery and pressed the power button for 1 min and still the same.

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Exact same thing is happening with my Chromebook.

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