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Variante uniquement Wi-Fi de la cinquième génération d'iPad, lancée en mars 2017. Disponible avec 32 ou 128 Go de stockage en option, écran Retina de 9,7" et processeur A9 de 64 bits.

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Logicboard compatibility of ipad 5 and ipad A1475

I am looking for a logic board for my ipad air A1475. I see some suppliers offering logic boards for ipad 5 wifi. Can I use an ipad5 wifi logic board in my damaged ipad A1475 ? Thanks.

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Yes, they are the same iPad called by different names. You just have to make sure the one you're buying is for A1475, since other iPad Air boards might be wifi only, without the 4g cellular part.

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Thanks for the helpful comment. I have managed to get an unlocked logic board for a1475 wifi+4g cellular with 64 Gb memory. I hope, this would be ok for the faulty board (which had 32 Gb memory).


@dmahapatra It will be ok, you'll only have a bigger storage available, no other differences between the two boards in size or other smaller parts. You can get help from the following guide in your replacement:

Remplacement de la carte mère de l'iPad Air LTE

Enjoy :)


Thank you so much.


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