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How do I know when to replace my lamp light?

When I turn my TV on it makes a noise but the display no longer shows up. All three lights blink at the bottom and sometimes it’s just the standby and lamp light. I have tried a different power source but have been reading things about the lamp light. Is it time to change the light and if so how do I do that?

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Addison Reinhardt since all three LED lights are blinking you need to check a few things. If all three indicator lights are blinking, your lamp may require replacing. Sometimes, if your lamp is still ok, you can reset the lamp hours to trick your TV. See if this works for your Samsung

Turn your TV off

Press "Mute" "1" "8" "2" and "Power" on your remote. If that works you need to select the "Lamp hours" option in the "Options" menu and reset the lamp hours.

The service manual has this to say about the 3 LED blink code:

Three led light blinking

Check the voltage to the ballast. It should be about 280V. If there is no voltage, change the power supply. Do you hear the ballast fire (snapping)? If not, change the ballast. If all checks out OK, change the DMD.

For the how-to, this video should work for your TV as well.

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Same problem here. I had a standby bulb, changed that out, same flickering bulb issue. New ballast, still the same problem. Used-but-supposedly-working power supply board and swapped that, same problem. I've replaced the DMD chip in the past already, a few years ago, since it started losing pixels. Are you saying the DMD chip itself can prevent the bulb from lighting? Or the DMD board is a culprit? I tested both power boards. With either, I am actually getting 328v DC. When the light flickers, it drops down to about 321v. I tried with both ballasts as well, and with both bulbs. Nothing changed the behavior, so looks like I have either two bad bulbs, or some other problem. Almost debating trying one more bulb. The bulb try to initialize 3 times, on each of 3 restart cycles, before it turns off, and the 3 blinking lights come on. I believe I have the old DMD chip, but can't find it to swap it in and see if any behavior changes. Also tried unhooking all cables and a different wall outlet. No luck.


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