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Released in 2010, the Flip Mino HD is a pocket-sized camcorder with 4 GB and one hour of shooting capacity.

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dropped my flip camer in the river

I fell in the river with my flip minohd in my back pocket. Now it won't do anything. I've tried to reset it a few times, but still nothing. Is there a way I can fix it?

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I would open it to the best of your ability and let it dry out, don't plug it in, as this may cause it to short.

Just open it, get the components separated and let it air dry for days.

If you notice any corrosion on the board all ready you can use high % rubbing alcohol and Q-tips to clean the board.

Then just wait and cross your fingers!

Good luck!

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Thank you. I'll give this a try.


Any luck? Were you able to get it on?


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