Why does my Acer Veriton M288 power on but there's nothing on screen?

My Acer Veriton M288 powers on but there is nothing that appears on the screen. I have tried the following,

Clearing the CMOS

Changing RAM

re-positioning the CPU

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If nothing is appearing on the monitor, what have you checked on the monitor?

Is it powered on?

If so can you view the monitor's menu screens OK?

Have you checked the cable connections between the desktop and the monitor?

Can you try a different monitor to prove whether the problem is with the monitor or the motherboard in the PC?

What is the make and model number of the monitor?


Yes I have checked all that


Even bought a new cable



What is the make and model number of the computer or motherboard if a custom build?

Does it have a GPU card installed?

Are you sure that the PC is turning on and not stalling at POST (power on self test) when first starting?


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