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Here are the repair guides for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X

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In Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X I can not hear my interlocutor very well.

Problems started recently and the phone is under warranty. During the conversation after a while, the interlocutor I hear as in the basement. The sound constantly goes down. Repair the phone is not possible, and the store refuses to accept the goods without protective labels. Where to deliver this phone for verification or replacement? Will the delivery company accept it without labels? How else can the problem be solved?

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The best solution would be to send your phone for warranty service. If you're the seller refuses to do this, swipe your phone expertise and direct with a copy of the seller. They will be required to take action. Otherwise, select any shipping company and send the manufacturer's goods with the replacement notice. If the seller is abroad, then use the terms of the customs broker . This is the solution to your question.

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And will not it affect this lack of labels or am I overexcited?


Your experiences are in vain. Transport packaging, as well as labels are used for the whole delivery of goods and nothing more.


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