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Why is my computer shutting itself off?

I noticed earlier this afternoon that my macbook was making a loud noise, I assumed it was one of the fans turning on as my laptop usually runs hot so I thought nothing of it. I had Firefox open, messenger, and decided to play a game. I loaded up the game just fine and in the middle of playing said game my laptop shut itself off. I decided to leave it off and let it cool down for a while before turning it back on and attempting to play the game again. Once it cooled off I turned it back on and about 5-10 minutes after starting my game it shut itself off again. Does anyone know what could be causing it to shut itself off? Is there a fix for it?

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Please give us the last three characters of your serial number so we know which machine you have and can direct you to the correct guide for cleaning your heat sink vents and reapplying thermal paste and blowing out your fans.

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VJ1 and my model is the A1150 if that helps


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