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Le Samsung Galaxy S3 est un smartphone multi-touch, au format ardoise, capable de suivi oculaire, au stockage accru et avec une option de recharge sans fil.

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How do I find shorts with a multimeter?

like phyiscally. where do i put the probes exectly. anyone has a video? or can describe it to me?

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this is really not a basic question. You will have to have a schematic and a board layout for your phone. Then you will have to know what component you are looking at. You compare the measurements to your schematic. You either measure the componets against ground or against other components. There is no general looking for short circuits. You have to look specifically for what the device (in your case your phone) does or does not do.

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so if there isnt a continuity against ground then it means there is a short?


@yanivpro no. that is to general. some components are connec to ground i.e. some capacitors, others are not. Again it will dpend on the circuit you are measuring. Without a schematic it will always be difficult to find it unless you know what you are looking for and at.


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