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VCR wont pick up signal from remote.

Memorex MVR4040A  VCR records and plays. Remote works but will not program VCR. Cannot set clock, set tape speed or set timer recording, clock just flashing 12:00.

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@mickey14 what make and model is your VCR?


Also... What is the remote you are using? Is it the one that came with the VCR or is it a universal remote?


MVR4040A Version B Original remote.

Have tried unplugging vcr to reset, no go


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Since the remote works for most functions, I will assume that the IR receiver is working on the VCR. I would suspect that the problem here resides on the remote itself. I can’t find too much info on this model nor its remote, but the behavior you describe points to a remote failure. I would open up the remote and clean all of the buttons. These work by shorting exposed traces on the board. There are conductive pads under each button for this purpose. It is possible that either these pads have deteriorated or that the traces have become corroded. Burnish the traces too.

Also, insure that you have new batteries installed. Update this after cleaning/burnishing the remote.


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Hi Dan ; Thanks for the info.

Picked up a Universal Remote and the VCR doesn't respond to it either.

Went around and around with a Magnavox tech and the only thing I could understand was the IR receiver is Kaput.

Will try what you said with original remote, any way to test the IR receiver or is there a simple fix ?

Many Thanks in advance !


OK that is a different story. Initially I was under the impression that only the time setting was not working. If the remote is not working at all, then yes the IR receiver is faulty (most likely). As a matter of fact, a rather common failure is poor solder connections on that receiver. If you open up the unit, there should be a small silver "box" near the front. It may be on a PC board that is connected to the front panel or attached to the main board on the bottom. I don't know your model well enough to know. Anyway, this box should have 3 connections that are soldered to whatever board it is on. Resolder those connections. That will likely take care of the problem if the receiver is the problem. In rare cases, the IR receiver diode is faulty and the above won't work, but that is extremely rare.


Hi Dan ;

Many Thanks ! Will give it a try, hope for the best.

Thanks again for all your help, ifixit is the only place that even tried to answer my question.

Have a good weekend !


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