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Why is my screen developing vertical lines

The actual tv that I have is a SONY XBR65X900B. The device selection that I made was the closest choice of those available. The screen developed a blue vertical line in the center of the screen about 15 inches long. It has started to branch into 3 additional lines. Is this repairable and how do I find someone that can help me with it.


Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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vertical lines are most commonly caused by a bad main board, bad t-con board and of course a bad panel. We would need to at least see what your screen shows you. Post some pictures of that with your question. Use this guide Ajout d'images à une question existante for that. It will help if you can also post some images of all of your boards etc so we can check on those. This sounds odd ”started to branch into 3 additional lines “

If it is any of the boards, yes that is repairable. If it is the panel than it gets tough. Most panels (if you can even find those) cost more than a new TV. So let’s find out what you got going on here :-)

Update (08/20/2018)

@barryofphoenix based on the location of the lines and that these are not continous from top to bottom, this is most likely a panel failure. In very rare cases it could be a memory IC erro on the main board. You acan try an get on of those and replace it to see if it will change those lines. If not return it and consider either a new TV or panel (if you can find one)

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I have a 70 inch flat 3D TV when I turn it on the picture fades to black

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