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Repair information for printers made by Canon.

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cannon printer mx492 eating paper and jamming all the sudden?

I was printing and then all the sudden the printer just started eating paper and now it wont stop for some reason. Any suggestion on how to solve that problem before i toss it.

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When you say “eating paper”, is it repeatedly jamming of just feeding paper continuously from the input hopper to the output? First of all, very carefully check the paper path for any torn scraps of paper or foreign objects, and check for any broken or misplaced paper guides.


yeah it starts to print a page and gets about 4 inches in the feeder and then gets caught and starts to jam. Then i have to pull it out and it rips, then i have to take the back off and remove the ripped paper. It was fine all the sudden out of nowhere its started this behavior. Any suggestions?


same thing is happening to me and it is a brand new printer


same thing in my canon mg2570s


If it's new then take it back where you bought it. But first check you've removed all scraps of paper or debris from the paper path and that you're using good quality paper and that it's been stored somewhere warm and dry. If paper is allowed to pick up moisture it will be much more likely to jam.


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2 solutions

You probably need to clean the rollers in the printer.  Go to page 192 of the following document to see how to do this:

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same problem with mx492, cannot perform clean rollers because the paper gets jammed it requires 3 pieces. I have paper that i got from a brand new stack that was packaged and sealed. cant get it through. i feel i need inside the machine to fix. dont know how to open it properly

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