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Repair your Dyson DC 14 vacuum cleaner with a part replacement guide.

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The suction is to strong for my area rug

how do I adjust suction

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@bobkelly as you already know F29 is the DOOR UNLOCK ERROR.

If the door unlock has failed 6 times.

Possible Causes/Procedure

■ Door lock mechanism is broken.

■ Door switch/lock unit failure.

1. Check door switch/lock unit for foreign objects.

2. Unplug washer or disconnect power.

3. Check wire harness connections to the door switch/lock unit and Central Control Unit (CCU).

Since you already replaced the latch you may have issues with the CCU. I'd be looking for bad relays as well as bad wiring. Attached is the techsheet Kenmore-Whirlpool-HE2-Plus-Troubleshooti.pdf

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