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The Acer Aspire R11 R3-131T-C1Z511 is an 11 x 6 inch, lightweight (1.5 kg (3.48 lbs) convertible notebook laptop that is part of the R11 series, manufactured by Acer. Colored in light blue or white, the laptop has a standard keyboard, HD touchscreen display, and a large touchpad.

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Will not power on without charger plugged in

My Acer R11 R131T won’t charge, or power on without being plugged in, but tells me the battery is there and gives me a percent. It says “40%, Plugged in, not charging” at the moment, but it’s been going down slowly.

I’ve tried the power reset by pressing the button on the bottom and waiting a few minutes (overnight). I’ve also tried other chargers, including new chargers. Any tips or help would be nice. Thank you!

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There was a button that is inside the computer that needs to be pressed down. I drilled a hole in the laptop, and taped a screw in it to hold the button in place.

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Yeess! I saw that there was a pad that when closing the back cover of the computer presses the SW1 button, Then it is very important to screw this cap tightly so that it presses the button.

I want to think that the objective is that the charger does not turn on when the battery swells, since when the battery is inflated it is no longer pressed the button.


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The battery has got to be the prime suspect. As for the 40%, it’s clearly having you on.

You could try running BatteryInfoView from, which gives more detailed information, but it doesn’t have a battery lie detector.

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Sounds like a battery problem to me, so let’s try a new battery. I included a link to get a replacement battery and a guide on how to replace the battery.

Battery Replacement

Acer Aspire R11 R3-131T-C1Z5 Battery Replacement

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The battery was not the problem, I figured out $20 shorter than I was a few weeks ago. The power delivery was the issue


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