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The HP Envy dv7 is a Windows 8 laptop that features a 17.3-inch screen.

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Ribbon cable connector broken. Need replacement part

Okay so I have this laptop obviously and I’ve used it for a few years and repaired a few parts here and there over the years. Now the current problem I have is that the ribbon connector flap that pushes the ribbon cable down and locks it in place, broke. The actual connector is fine, but the little flap broke. Now the issue is obviously getting a new flap connector somewhere to replace the old one that broke. I have searched just about everywhere I could think of and cannot find what I am looking for. Unfortunately it is much too small for me to solder off and just solder a new stronger plug onto that space, otherwise I would have gladly used that option to fix my problem. The connector that I am referring to is the one that goes to the power button to turn the laptop on. If it was any of the other connectors I could have bypassed it easily with an external keyboard or mouse. But unfortunately it is pretty much the most important one on the motherboard.

I have seen a few repair video’s on the problem, but all the people just use electrical tape, that they stick over the ribbon cable after pushing it into the connector. For me, that is really not a good enough option, as it would just be a fire risk to me and I would definitely not use it then.

So if there is anyone on here that might help point me in the right direction of the part or give me a better fix than just electrical tape, then I would very much appreciate the help on the subject. Thanks in advance.

Update (09/26/2018)

Block Image

Image is the part that the connector broke off of. I have contacted HP a while back for a replacement part, but they couldn’t help me with it. Hopefully there is someone here that would be able to help me

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Did the flap physically snap?

If yes you only option is to buy a similar main board or laptop that is broken/liquid damaged cheap and move a flap across, it is possible to re attach them but quite difficult.

If it has just come off, it is possible to get these to slide back on.

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J Mac

Yeah, it pretty much broke in half, those things are extremely brittle.

I’ve seen replacement boards, but the only ones I’ve come across on amazon, ebay and so forth are ones that have been refurbished. Obviously I don’t want to pay money for a working board, just to fix the board that I have that also works, that is if I can get that connector fixed.

I was planning on gluing the broken connector in place permanently, but between looking for glue to use and coming back to the part, I somehow lost that connector too. So it is completely missing and I definitely need to get a part for it somehow and somewhere. Shops my side want me to bring the laptop in so that they can repair it and charge me insane labor fees. Which I am definitely not going to do.

If you know of a website or something that do sell water damaged or broken boards on the cheap, I would appreciate it if you let me know. Preferably ones that do ship things internationally.


Ok, found a site that sells the flaps-

I am not sure if I fix it will allow me to post a link so go to Aliexpress and search "pitch pcb connector" in the "wire connectors" category .

The most difficult part will be finding the correct one that fits. It is definately 8 pin but not sure if ot will be 0.5mm or 1mm flap.

Maybe you could ask some of the sellers, sometimes they can be helpful.

At least the parts are cheap and they ship anywhere, oh and you will have many spares! Lol


try molex i believe they do connectors.


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