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La PlayStation Vita a succédé à la PSP. Ses processeurs ont été optimisés et on a rajouté un second stick analogique. Elle a été lancée sur le marché le 15 février 2012.

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How much is are screen

how much is are screen

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A new OLED panel is 26€ on Amazon (Link), but you will need to separate it from the digitizer layer (which is the glass touchscreen) using an oven and a lot of skill (like in our teardown), but it might be easier to just get a combo with both components already fused together, it looks like it costs just as much on Amazon as the display by itself (Link).

PlayStation Vita Teardown

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It really depends on which vendor you buy it from. To get one in good shape and at a decent price I usually recommend ebay because they range from $25-$40. I hope this helps if not let us know!

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