Canon 60d not turn on and microswitch not found

Good morning, I was a very happy owner of a Canon 60d that gave me yesterday without giving me errors. The only error appeared is that related to the blinking of the battery (attached image) with power button on OFF and on ON is the dame

Block Image

I then tried to carry out the battery reset recommendation. the hardware reset of the camera according to procedure, take out battery, memory card and lens and after click on shutter button for 30 seconds but without success. However, I noticed that the microswitch on the battery compartment contact (attached images) is missing in the camera.

Block Image

Block Image

Can I fix the problem manually or should I contact Canon? How costs the ripair of this microswitch?

It’s possible to repair?

I'm on vacation and I wanted to use the camera.

Thanks to all for the answer

Best regards

Valerio Alberti

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