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Repair Guide and Support for Lightning McQueen RC Car toy. 1:24 scale RC car from Dickie Toys. Article number(s): 203089501 for basic Lightning McQueen 203089538 for metallic variant

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2 cars controlled by the same remote control

Hi guys,

I have Dickie toys Mc Queen and Jackson storm which are controlled by the same controller. Everything was fine but my two children were playing with the two cars and this issue suddenly appear. Do you have any ideas how could I reset or re appair the two RC please ?

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1 solution

The cars look for the same frequency from the remote. Try using them far away from each other or returning one for a car from a different brand to hope to get a different frequency. You could also get a car that uses the 2.4GHz band, as those are able to use different bands in the 2.4GHz spectrum to connect

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