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Guides pour la version Wi-Fi de l'iPad Mini 2. Annoncé le 22 octobre et lancé le 12 novembre 2013. L'iPad mini 2, également connu sous le nom de mini iPad avec écran Retina, a tous les pixels de l'iPad Air dans un plus petit 7.9 " format.

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Bent lightning port won’t charge

I was charging my iPad when it fell of my bed and the lighting port seems to be bent inwards so it has to be at a certain position to charge is there anyway to fix it

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Do you mean the Lightning “plug”, the one at the end of the Lightning cable or the actual “port” which is recessed inside the iPad housing?

I ask because I have a hard time imagining the the actual port could be bent without any other damage to the iPad. Perhaps you could post a picture to help us visualize the damage.

If the port is damaged, then it can be replaced but requires a micro-soldering repair.

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This is yet another design flaw. The ipad I have had for two years seems to have same issue as I had with my itouch 6. The screens are made of thin aluminum and suddenly the weather here is cold. Could it be that the latest desgn has a squared edge because the curved one had too many complaints. I love apple software, but frankly I always seem to end up with something broken related to hardware. In the meantime I have a Samsung tablet that I bought earlier and such design flaws dont ruin my heavy use.

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