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Can I remove icloud lock, and wipe phone via PC? (phone isn't working)

Hi Guys!

I will just warn you, I am a complete novice when it comes to Iphones as this is my first one sorry xD

So I am wanting to sell my iphone as faulty over ebay, however I do have my icloud logged in ( I do know my details if it can be deactivated) and I haven’t been able to wipe my phone (so i have photos and probably contacts saved to the phone and other stored personal details), and I cannot touch the screen as it has dark lines everywhere and its just not working in general.

I don’t want to sell my phone though if I cant remotely wipe it from my pc, or if i cant deactivate the iCloud that’s already stored on it… so if anyone has an idea if this can be done and how, that will be great!

Thank you so much :D

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go to apple web site then select your device, you can remove icloud (before request an erase). I am not sure that you can removed icloud and keep the erase function enable.

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Hi :D, Thank you so much , however I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to iPhones sorry, what do you mean by this?

Do you mean I can remove my icloud account on the website, but you are not sure if its possible to remotely wipe the phone?

Many thanks


Yes, you have an option to wipe the phone as soon as connected to the web, and also to remove it from icloud account (when the next user will restore it to factory settings).

But i don’t know if you can have both options working together. You may contact apple care service or ask a genius in apple store, they will told you.


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@boyer - Is on the right track! Working from a PC or other phone you can log into the iCloud web site. It will then allow you to copy off what you’ve backed up from your broken phone to a new phone or PC.

Now your other part of your question is a bit harder! If the phone is dead as a door nail theres no means to get to the data to delete it or remote it from iCloud fully.

But! If you can plug in your iPhone into a Mac or PC which has iTunes using a Thunderbolt to USB cable you might be able to then gain access to your iPhones data locally. Do keep in mind the user account you’ve used for your phone needs to match the iTunes account.

Then you can forcefully delete everything and you can also remove the phone from your account as well

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