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Why does my screen have ~3/4" brownish shading on both sides?

iMac 24" ECM 2134

Block Image

  • Shows in all brightness and background settings
  • Capture screen does not show the brown
  • More pronounced discoloration on right side (maybe)
  • May be "growing"
  • Computer on all time unless away for extended time (rare)
  • Use moving screen saver till it goes in sleep mode (3-5 min.)
  • Cleaned screen - no difference
  • No direct sunlight on computer
  • Rest of computer works fine

Thanks for any help!

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+ very nicely stated question. The capture screen not showing brown limits the problem (GPU is fine). To confirm this please hook it up to an external monitor. Please look on the bottom of your stand to see if this is a 2.4 GHz or 2.8 GHz machine.


Thank you.

* 2.4GHz per "About This Mac"

* Have 2002 13" Dell Inspiron with bad resolution

* Don't think I have the cable to link them.

ALTERNATE: iPad linked to iMac screen (with Splashtop) - No evidence of discoloration.



Richard, is that the Snow Leopard install CD?


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I had really hoped someone else would jump in on this question. I'm fairly sure of what the problem is but would like to get some confirmation. To eliminate a couple of possibilities, start up from your system installation disk by inserting the disk and holding down the "C" key. See if the screen stays the same.

UPDATE - I personally have the 2009 2.66 24" iMac. Bring yours by tomorrow afternoon and I'll see if I can switch out the LVDS cable and the inverter and maybe even the screen to isolate the problem. My first guess on this is the screen. We can probably get a used one for about $450 and a new one for $700. The used would carry a 90 day warranty.


The screen was successfully replaced and all is well.

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OK, I'll have it there at 1:00, if that works for you. Again, thanks.


I'll be here.


Switched a 2009 LCD with yours and no problems. There is no teardown on this machine so I'm taking photos to do a guide. Will try the LDVS cable exchange tomorrow and let you know.


I've never smoked anything in my 67 years of life. My husband smokes, but because smoke is a migraine trigger for me, he has to go outside to do it. I live in an older neighborhood and the house was built 31 years ago. There are horse stables a few blocks away.

I hope it's only something like that, though. I've been retired from Covenant Hosp. for 15 months. Before that, my husband may have smoked in the house. If that's so, it took a while to show up.

Thank you very much.


The smoking comment was not from me. I've never seen anything like that and I've cleaned a lot of smokey machines. Someone would have to have an ash tray right under the monitor. Your original system installation disk (gray ones) have a built in diagnostic just for your machine, not the Snow Leopard.


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Maybe I'm too late, but I have the same question and I gave myself this answer: if you open the iMac, you may notice that two coolers is exactly behind the LCD, in the "brown zone". I think it's a overheating caused by hot air flow; in fact, when the iMac is powered on by only few hours, the brown shading is absent, or far less visible.

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You have to clean the inside of the screen. See iMac Intel 24" EMC 2267 Glass Panel Replacement.

Good Luck!

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It was not on the screen but a bad LCD.


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