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2000 lincoln town car heat

I have a 2000 licoln town car signature series and about a year or two ago I had the heater core replaced but now at the wrong time off the year the heat don’t come on the display comes on and adjust and does it’s stuff properly but for some reason the heat dosent work, I have check the fuse under the driver side fuse box inside the car at the EACT Blow motor fuse and it fine.

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Is the fan blowing? Is it no heat at all or there may be heat just not blowing properly?


no the fan isn’t blowing and the there is no heat blowing at all and the eact blow motor fuse is fine


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I found out it is in the dispay unit a wire that controlled the motor had shorted out but allowed the display to continue to work so I wired a switch to the blower motor and ran it inside the car with it hooked straight to the battery and the blower and put a fusable link in the wire and it works

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Have you looked at blower resistor relay board?

with the fan not blowing, it points me more at the relay board or the blower motor.

Here is a youtube video of someone replacing it on a 2002.

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will it work for a 2000


From what i could find 98 to 2002 are all very similar.

Before you drop the money i would vheck the blower motor connection as he did. Ensure you are getting 12 volts. Pull fuse ensure it went away so there isnt any odd stuff there. If you maintain the 12volts. I have replaced multiple relay voards on work vans but the lincoln seems to look very different then anything I've seen before and im not sure how you would test it easily.


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