HP 2509m monitor bars, flickering, 2 leaves

(My monitor is actually an HP 2509m, but wasan’t available in the list of ‘devices’)

I recently picked up a broken monitor on Craigslist for free. The gentleman said on the post that the light tubes were broken so I thought I'd give it a shot. When I arrived at his house to pick up the monitor he had the monitor disassembled still and showed me the broken CCFLs.

I brought the monitor home (well all the parts anyway), ordered 2 new sets of CCFLs, re-assembled the monitor, powered it on, and this is what I'm greeted with:

(Note - the monitor is upside down in the video just because it's easier to plug in and video record because of the power cord)


The video might be a little misleading at first - it looks to be only black and white, but there is definitely color in the screen. The screen has several vertical lines of varying colors on the left and right sides. There are 2 'leaves' in the top left corner (bottom right in the video) of the screen which don't seem to be flickering or anything, but the rest of the monitor seems to flicker/flash.

I already spent $40 on the ccfls and over 8 hours on this thing, but would love to get this thing working without spending another $40 on it...any ideas?

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