What will make a camshaft position sensor bank 2 keep going bad?

My truck engine always made a clicking noice. The Ford dealer told me it was normal and all 5.4 liter f150s made 2004 to 2008 made that sound. Well 5 days ago my truck started idling bad. It was shaking and engine clicking got much louder. My check engine light came on and obd2 read bad camshaft position sensor bank 2. So I took it to a local mechanic and had them change the camshaft sensor. Light went off and truck was fine for 2 days and then it did it again. So I took it back to the mechanic shop and they said it was timing chain and phazers because of how loud clicking was. They told me it would cost me over 3000 to fix it. Well since that much money wasn't an option, i started googling what can make camshaft position sensor go bad to be sure, because im not sure if they were being honest or just didnt want to take time to replace sensor again for free because it was still under warranty or if they were trying to make money from me. I scheduled appointment with dealership mechanic to get to bottom of this but they cant get to me for a while. So i will have to drive to and from work like that until they do. Many people on forums with same issue said it may be a wiring issue. I know I have a wiring issue with my interior lights. They come on and off when they choose to. Not sure if that's related or not. Any help, tips, or advice will be definitely appreciated.

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