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Model zd8000, 17" Widescreen display, 2.8-3.6 GHz Intel Pentium 4 processor

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repairing pwer adapter on motherboard

following your instuctions to remove bottom plastic cover, got to removing the dvd player  where you say push pin in hole to open dvd player, the player opens, but the rest of the player will not budge from the hole no matter how hard I pull, help

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Is your DVD player bent in any way, shape or form? If not, try doing the pinhole release one more time but push as hard as you can into the pinhole. That way if for some reason the release button is stuck it will become unstuck. Just my two cents.

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did the pin hole thing, and slid the dvd player out but the rest of the dvd player assembly wont move from the slot


need someone to tell me how to remove the complete dvd player assembly from the laptop hole


I understand, but is the DVD player bent? Have you tried the thing I suggested above?


no player not bent just wont budge from slot, are there any more screws that need to be released


Thats very odd then, there are no other screws that need to be released or button to be pressed. I am skunked on this one.


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