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The T-Mobile G1 is the first smartphone to be marketed running the mobile Android operating system. Released in September 2008.

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Phone does not chanrge when connected to power.

I am not sure what is wrong with my G1 Phone, It doest charge when I connect it to the power. Based on my research, I have realized that the power connection port or the board could be faulty. Can you please help me with this and let me know if i am correct. If so what do I do and how do I do and where can I get the spares.



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And please also let me know the tools I will require to operate on this phone.


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The very first thing I would recommend is switching chargers. Try using a different adapter to charge your phone. It's highly probable that you have a defective adapter. If after trying multiple chargers the phone still does not charge, then it could be a faulty mini-usb port. There is a small chance the battery could be the issue, but I doubt it; the reason being that even with a bad battery the phone should still charge, but the battery should not be able to keep the charge.

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Hi Nick,

You mentioned that it doesn't charge when connected to the power-- does it work when plugged in, but with the battery removed? I'd just like to rule out the battery as the problem.

With my G1, I ended up going through two different batteries in two years, so it's the first thing I think of.

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Greetings Dan, Walter,

Firstly Thanks for the help. I appreciate the answers. Funny things is, this is my second time that I am responding. I don't know my my responses are not posted here.

Well, my previous response was as follows,


Thanks for the response. Yes, I have tried charging it with my battery out, I have tried with different wall chargers at different wall point, I have also used the computer cord to charge it. It doesn't respond. No sign of life. As Walter mentioned below, it could be the problem with mini USB port on the phone.


Thanks for the response. As mentioned above, I have tried a few things and finally zeroed on mini USB port. My question: How my battery gets charged? Based on the Schematics, Mini USB daughter board is connected to Motherboard and the battery is charged through the contacts on Motherboard. How do I find out which is faulty, Is it only by ordering new parts?

My Second Question: If ordering parts is the only solution I have for my first question then, where do I order for Parts. Can you please suggest a reliable place where I can buy the parts.

Thanks & Regards


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Hello -

It is likely that your USB charging connector is faulty or the inner pins are bent preventing it from getting a connection. This is actually a really common problem, more so than a faulty board. This is in part due to the fact this component goes through a lot of wear and tear from amount of insertions and withdrawals. If your phone has ever fell onto the ground while being plugged into the charger, that is another common cause of damage to the inner pin contacts. Anyways, if you are still experiencing problems with this phone, I would suggest replacing the USB connector first to see if that fixes it. It would be cheaper than replacing the boards and more likely to be the issue.

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