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Sorti le 25 septembre 2015. Modèle A1688/A1633. La réparation de ce modèle est similaire à celle des versions précédentes et nécessite tournevis et outils pour faire levier. Disponible en GSM et CDMA / 16, 64 ou 128 Go / Argent, Or, Gris sidéral ou Or rosé.

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Home button not functioning after a battery replacement

Following the iFixit battery replacement guide, I did a battery replacement a few months ago. After the battery replacement, my home button stopped working. It doesn’t register any presses and neither does Touch ID work.

My friend was doing a screen replacement on his 6S and it came with a home button. He intended on keeping his original home button, so I had asked if I could have his spare home button. However, when I installed the home button, it still did not work.

Now here’s where I think I went wrong. In the iFixit battery replacement guide, you are asked to separate the display assembly from the rest of the phone. While this step is not necessary, it would make life much easier when working on the rest of the phone.

There are 3 cables connecting the display assembly to the phone: the front camera cable, the digitizer cable, and the display cable.

I’m not sure which of these cables register home button presses, but I think I may have damaged that cable. Anyone have any other opinions as to what could be causing my home button to stop working after a battery replacement?

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I would suggest going back and opening up the phone checking all the connections and check all of the pins were put back right and that they are not bent.

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