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Le Motorola Moto X4 est le téléphone 4ème génération de la gamme Moto. Il est muni d'un écran de 5,2 pouces et profite de l'indice de résistance à l'eau IP68. Numéros de modèle XT1900-7, XT1900-5 et XT1900-1.

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Overheated charger broke charging port, Is it possible to fix?

my phone charger suddenly began to overheat without my knowledge, and by the time i was able to unplug it the damage was already done. It shows visible, but not extensive damage to the inside, and the icon that indicates a dead phone still shows when I make an attempt to turn it on. Im hoping its possible to get a part replaced so that it can charge again.

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It is possible to replace just the charging port, however I can’t seem to find a replacement charge port that is in stock at this time.

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FYI, the charging port is in stock at Witrigs at this moment, I just ordered it.

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how difficult was this repair? My phone stopped charging during a trip in the mountains and is now dead. Now there are a lot of photos stuck on the phone that I'd like to get off and it seems repairing the charging/data port is the only way


I'm sorry for the very late reply.

The repair wasn't easy (especially re-applying the adhesive parts), and the new usb port I received was unusable -- it was manufactured terribly bad. I asked for a replacement spare part, and this port wasn't much better.

I bought a new phone in the end.


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