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The HTC Incredible 2, released April 28, 2011. Also known as the HTC DROID Incredible 2. Only available on Verizon Wireless network.

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My" Market App" won't upgrade on HTC is he fix for this problem?

Market App on my HTC Incredible won't work. Is there a fix for this?

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Hi @drmoe ,

You may have to buy a new phone if you want the current version of the Market App to work.

According to this link the Market App, (if this is the one that you mean), requires the phone’s OS to be Android v5.0 or higher, for it to work. (scroll down the webpage to view the Additional Information section)

According to this link the OS installed in a HTC Incredible 2 is Android v2.2. but it can be upgraded to Android v4.0 (see information in Platform OS section), which means even if it has been upgraded that the app still won’t work

You can check what Android OS version is installed in your phone by going to Home screen > Menu (3 horizontal bars) > Settings > About Phone > Software Information

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