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Black screen problem (bricked?)

Hello there,

I am fixing an iPod touch 3rd gen for a friend and I opened up to have a peek inside and have found nothing to be wrong with it on the surface. There is no water damage at all and as far as the eye can see it is in a perfect condition!

The problem i am having with it is that it doesn't seem to want to turn on. I left it plugged into my computer for about 4 hours and it didn't seem to do anything. I thought the battery was dead.

My friend thought it was the dock connector, but all the contacts are still there and nothing is broken inside.

Please help! Thanks


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Michael c, The visual check is okay to d, but it really does not tell you much. If you want to start somewhere and you have it open, get a multimeter and measure the points on the dock connector as well as on the battery. Go to this link and measure the power input on the USB power and see if you get 5volts, when your ipod is plugged in. Measure the same on the battery contacts and see if you get power. Of course you want to try charging from a different USB port first. Also try a different cable as well as an AC adapter. Check the dock connector for any debris , corrosion and bend pins. Once you have done all this, you should have a better starting point for further trouble shooting. And yes, I'd change the battery, but that is just me....:-) good luck.

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Ok I'll try that out and let you know. Thanks


let us know how it is going....


something very intersting happended! i have got rougly 5 volts coming through on pin 23, im assuming that the metal outside of the dock connector is ground? when touching pin 23 and releasing ground it connected to windows but said malfunction. i think i must of slipped as well as th screen lit up and displayed the red battery sign. what do you think this is? thanks for all your help!


Sounds like the dock cable has a short. If you haven't yet, try another cable, as OT suggested.


I am using a different cable and have tested it with my iphone and it works. I am quite baffled!


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