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LG Aristo MS21O android phone repair and troubleshooting.

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Aristo 2 no Wi-Fi or Bluetooth won't come on

My Wi-Fi or Bluetooth will not stay on how do I fix it. Where is the Wi-Fi component inside the phone

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Don’t know your phone but with regards to the WiFi turning off, check if the following setting is set to Always:

Home > Settings > Networks > WiFi > (this is where I don’t know but is there an icon for more menu options in the WiFi screen e.g. 3 dots somewhere on display or perhaps using the right hand soft key below the screen?) > Advanced > Keep WiFi on during sleep > Always.

If that doesn’t work:

a) Try using the phone in safe mode and check if the WiFi and / or BT stays on.

If they do, then a downloaded app is the cause of the problem. The trick is to find out which one is the cause of the problem. You’ll need to uninstall each downloaded app, one by one, and test the phone in normal mode between each uninstall to see if it is working OK. Once it does then the last app that you uninstalled is the culprit.

b) Try a factory restore reset and see if this resolves the problem.

First backup the phone using the phone’s backup feature.

Be aware that a factory restore (also known as a hard reset ) will erase all your data and downloaded apps. That is why it’s important to perform a backup before performing a factory restore.

Once the backup has been completed, factory restore the phone using the phone’s factory restore feature.

Once the phone has been reset to its’ factory default condition, test if the phone works OK.

If it still doesn’t work OK there is a hardware problem.

If the phone works OK, with the backup that you made earlier, restore the phone to what it was before, using the phone’s restore feature.

Once the phone has been restored, check that it still works OK. If it does then the reset has resolved the problem.

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