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7.1 megapixel camera by Canon, model SD750.

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How do I adjust autofocus?

The camera works except pictures are always out of focus. Is there a way to make an adjustment?

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Want to rule out the possibility that basics needed we being done.

1. Press and hold the shutter button halfway for about a second or two before pressing completely. When the camera focuses, the camera will beep twice and a green indicator lights on. Also a green box appears on the LCD of the camera. Please let me know if this works.

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Refer to this for more information


Thanks but I do know about holding the shutter button. The picture is visibly out of focus even on the LCD screen.

Any Ideas?


have you tried taking the camera apart and cleaning it/blowing air around the lens? It may be something is blocking the barrel from fine focus. other than that I'd imagine this may be a problem with your zoom/focus flex. if you follow the guides on the right there are a few links on the first page to parts shops and a blog about a lens problem..she has taken parts from a different's worth a read and may help you a bit more..

btw are the photos on your pc out of focus or just on the lcd??


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