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Why does my NES display a solid pink when it is turned on?

When I start up my NES system every time, it displays a solid pink. Does anyone know why it displays pink? The pink screen is annoying me. I've already tried using my air pump to try to get dust out of the console and also I keep trying to reset the console.

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NES pin connecter compatability

Clean the 72 pin connector, this should help.  You may also need to clean the cartridge connector if it is isolated to the one cartridge.  Alternatively replace the 72 pin connector (ebay).  I recommend cleaning first to save cash.

Update (11/16/2018)

Why won't the screen and red light stopping blinking?

Why won't the screen and red light stopping blinking?

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I tried cleaning it numerous times now (just now got the stuff to clean the NES so that's why I'm replying just now), however the only game it worked with 100% (no glitches or magenta screen) is Super Mario Bros/Duck Hunt. Before I buy a 72 pin connector, would you suggest other solutions or possible problems?


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