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Le Moto E4 Plus (également connu sous les noms de XT1774, XT1775, XT1776 ou Moto E Plus 4ème Gén.) est caractérisé par un écran HD de 5,5 pouces et un design métallique harmonieux. Il est muni d'une batterie de 5000 mAh, d'un revêtement déperlant et d'un lecteur d'empreintes digitales.

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phone does not charge after lcd screen glass replaced

i replaced the cracked glass lcd screen assembly on moto e 4 plus. it turned on, had 18% battery. I checked operation by using maps, linked to my yahoo email etc. it all was working. i left phone alone and when i returned the batter had run down. when i tried turning on the yellow triangle with red exclamation mark inside circle with small red mark indicating 0 battery came on. plugged in charger and left alone for awhile came back and no change. battery not charging. checked charger and it is charging other devices. is this the charging port ,how do i check that or get new one? the battery, though, it did work till it died, it was rough getting it out and sustained external wrap damage? any reliable sources for parts? i have to retrieve the data on phone, what went wrong?

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Been a long time, however, I put in new battery and it still is not charging. At least everything else works. I need to replace the charge port and can anybody point me where to get one. The ones I see when I search are not the same as mine. Any reputable sites to recommend?


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If it's not showing any type of of charging indication, then it's the charge port that needs fixing. Current is not making it to the battery to let the battery know it's being charged to then give you some charging indication. Now if you are getting a battery charging indication and the isn't charging, you would need to replace your battery. This is all valid if you didn't break anything else while replacing the screen.

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