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The Samsung NaviBot SR8855 is a handy autonomous vacuum by Samsung.

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Please help me. My samsung Navibot VC-RL84VR wont start

After i disassmble the robot for a simple DIY wheels uplift so that it can handle a wet floor instead of stocking and sliping . when i reassemble it and turn it On. the only thing it do is to count 5 4 3 2 1 and flash the 1bar battery sign. then count again over and over. but i promiss i never did anything aside from uplifting the wheel and o never touch anything on the motherboard aside from removing the wheels and other connectors from the side part of the mother board. and i asure that everything is in contact even tested it and everything is in good contact even the battery is 16v when tested. please tel me what is wrong with this robot. you know i cant live without it. after many so many years its been a part of my small family. please help me

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cia a tutti, io ho lo stesso problema….. il mio pero’ fa il conto alla rovescia e poi parte per un 10/20 secondi e poi riparte nuovamente il conto alla rovescia…. potete aiutarmi????


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somewhere along the line it is looking to return to its base. that is what the countdown indicates. Check all the sensors including the lifted-up sensor.

Everything “is in good contact even the battery is 16v when tested” double check the circuitry

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thankyou very much @oldturkey03 your answer really solve my problem. i checked the battery canection by bending it side by side while the rebot is on. then i found out that its just a faulty battery connector. and now my robot is back to life. in addition i had change all the CE capacitor because i thought that was the problem hopefuly it will not cause any damage in the future. Btw thankyou again for the regards mr.Oldturkey30 Godbless you!


@salaguste glad it worked out for you and great that you got it working again!!


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