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LG 65LB730 Screen problems, pulsating

Hi, my TV have randomly started pulsating some lines on the objects.

I’ve tried to reset the tv to factory settings and also upgraded/downgraded the fw and problem still issue.

Clip on the issue.

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Jakob Vesterberg

this could be an issue with the main board. Try different video input sources (HDMI, Composite, Coax etc.) and see if it remains. If so, I would consider replacing the main board.

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You are experiencing a TV with an LED problem. Very common. I have repaired these under warranty. Your TV panel is the culprit. You may try to replace the LEDs. This is extremely difficult and can result in a complete waste of time. Recycle and shop for new. Thanks for asking, Matt of Martins TV Repair.

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Then I know, thanks for the help :)


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