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Guide de réparation et support pour les téléphones produits par Meizu.

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it get dropped and screen got cracked

i have meizu m2.once it get dropped and screen got cracked.the problem is that some areas are not responding to touch but when i use mouse with the otg then whole screen works.plz help me.whether i have to change whole panel with lcd or only the glass

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@rakeysh the LCD and the digitizer on your Meizu are fused together. you would need to have the right tools to separate those and then you would need different tools to re-adhere those piece back together. since you are asking about itI am assuming that you do not have the tools and that you have not done such a repair yet. I would suggest that you purchase the complete assembly and change it. It will be less expensive and has a greater chance of being a success. Check this video for some help. The complete assembly is relatively inexpensive at many places online.

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